Cecill-C Free Software License Agreement

Create a text file (usually called a license or LICENSE) in the root directory of your source code and copy the license text into the file. The most notable difference in CeCILL v2 is the fact that the English text was not approved as a translation project (as in CeCILL v1), but as an authentic text next to the equally authentic French version. This makes the CeCILL license much easier to impose internationally, as the cost of producing an authentic translation in each international dish will be lower with the help of a second authentic reference text. The second difference is that the reference to the GNU general public license, with which CeCILL v2 is now fully compatible, is explicitly defined from the exact title and exact name of the Free Software Foundation, in order to avoid any possible variations in the terms of the GPL v2. Some additional definitions have been added to define the terms more precisely with less ambiguity. With these amendments, CeCILL is now fully applicable in accordance with the rules of the AGE and, under French law, before the courts, without the legal problems of version 2 of the GPL remain outside the United States. secondly, the choice of an existing law, French law, to which it complies, both with regard to the law on infringements and intellectual property law and the protection it offers both to authors and holders of economic rights to software. Version 2.1 was released in June 2013. It allows the re-licensing of the public charter and public licence of the European Union, as well as the GPL, and clarifies the language that asks the takers to access the source code (which had previously led to a rejection of version 2.0 by the Open Source Initiative[ 3]). This agreement is a free software license that is the result of a discussion among its authors to ensure compliance with the two main principles that guide its development: millions of developers and companies build, send and expect their software on GitHub , the largest and most advanced development platform in the world. Otherwise, the donor grants the licensee free of charge to the rights to exploit the patents he holds in whole or in part on the inventions implemented in the software. In particular, the right to broadcast and publish includes the right to transfer the software to one or all media and by all means, to transmit and communicate it to the public, and the right to market a copy or copy of the Software through any of the procedures, against copies or copies of the software for a fee or free of charge.

10.2. A licensee whose contract is terminated is no longer allowed to use, modify or disseminate the Software. However, all licences or licences granted prior to the termination of the contract remain valid, provided they have been issued in accordance with the terms of this agreement. Note that CeCILL v1 already allows you to replace a CeCILL v1 license with CeCILL v2, so that all previously licensed CeCILL v1 software in 2004 can be licensed with CeCILL v2, with legal conditions that are authentic, not only in French, but also in English. 11.3. The agreement nullifies one or all of the previous written or oral agreements between the parties and replaces them for the same purpose and constitutes the whole agreement between those parties for that purpose.