Vitalsmarts Trainer Agreement

3.4 The customer acknowledges that he must inform the company by e-mail to Geoff Flemming ( or by mail to Vital Smarts ANZ, PO Box 6022, Vermont South VIC 3133. The customer and the company agree that the notification will be considered given on the day it was received by the Company. Step 2: Take part in a coaching certification course. Our experienced trainers provide great programs, but the client organization`s in-house certified coaches can also provide decisive conversations. Worldwide, it has been shown that the internal training method gives the best possible result to organizations that have used Crucial Conversations as a tool for intervention in cultural change. 5. Intellectual property and licensing grant. The customer recognizes and accepts that between the customer and the company, the company and its licensees own and remain the owners of all intellectual property rights over and over programs, services and materials, whether or not they are protected by patents. The client acknowledges that certain materials related to GTD® and Getting Things Done® are owned by the David Allen company that granted it to the company. The client also acknowledges that certain materials related to The Power of Habit ™ training are owned by Charles Duhigg, who has granted them to Company. The company recognizes and accepts that the customer retains all rights, titles and interests and on products, brands, technologies, inventions, techniques, data, designs and other customer information, whether or not it is protected by patents. The company grants the customer a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license for the use of programs and materials only for internal use by the customer`s staff over the lifetime.

People who receive the material in accordance with the above license are referred to as “participants.” The client pays the program fee for each participant (if included in the confirmation form). Participants are allowed to keep the program material indefinitely for their personal reference. The client undertakes to use articles, program videos, wall diagrams and other program and instructional materials only in-house for the duration of this contract. Neither the client nor his collaborators (not the contractors, nor the consultants) have the right to copy, distribute, disclose, publicly granted, sublicensed, create derivative works or make other use of them.