Sample Relocation Package Agreement

The real estate market has a huge influence on an organization`s moving program and influences both the moving budget and the willingness of employees to move. During an employee move, an organization moves staff from one site to another. This toolkit examines the basics of effective relocation programmes, including policy development, communication issues, legal issues and economic factors. It includes elements of an employer moving program, such as moving agreements, moving expenses, family assistance, and housing and real estate issues. This toolkit also explains how the moving program is outsourced and how a supplier is selected. The process doesn`t stop as soon as an employer chooses a supplier. Contract negotiations require information and planning. For example, organizations must consider several aspects when negotiating a moving contract with a domestic carrier (HHG): does the carrier have sufficient support in all parts of the country and is the carrier reachable at any time? Does the carrier offer discounts for multiple moves? Knowing what to pay attention to in the case of an HHG institution provides an advantage to the employer. Employer moving programs include assistance with marketing a home that an employee is to sell or agreeing to buy the employee`s home if it is not sold at some point. Other assistance that policies can offer is legal and financial assistance in terminating leasing contracts or assistance in pre-qualifying an employee for a mortgage. These incentives can mean the difference between accepting or refusing an employee`s offer to move. For more information on the impact of the economy on housing and offshoring, see the “Housing Markets” subsection. Scope – This toolkit provides an overview of effective practices for employee offshoring to the United States.

It does not include aggregate moving practices, moving data, or state and local laws, such as tax or contract laws, that may affect relocations. There is no magic formula when it comes to moving packages, but there are a few things that organizations need to consider when establishing a national moving program. This toolkit focuses on the permanent relocation of staff, but there are two particular circumstances that the human resources department should consider when developing relocation policies. With the high cost of moving and the risk of downsizing, moving has become a game with high stakes. According to the Conference Board`s 2018 C-Suite Challenge, talent acquisition and retention is the top concern for businesses. To attract and retain talented employees, personnel professionals need to ensure they have competitive moving packages and effective moving practices and policies. Moving assistance can help attract new employees, retain existing employees by providing them with career development opportunities, and drive business development and operations by ensuring the right talent is in the right place at the right time. A well-designed moving program complements an employer`s talent management program….