Sea Tentative Agreement

23.10.19 Regular negotiations between the Sumner-Bonney Lake School District (SBLSD) and the Sumner Paraeducators Association (SPA) ended on 22 October without a provisional agreement. To advance the negotiations, SBLSD requested the support of a state mediator. The Mediator met with both groups on 23 October. Mediation will continue on October 24. The district continues to negotiate in good faith with the hope of a quick agreement to avoid any disruption to student learning. If no contractual regime is concluded by October 24, SPA members have voted to authorize a strike for October 25. In the event of a strike, SBLSD teachers voted not to cross the picket line. The Sumner-Bonney Lake School District and the Sumner Education Association (SEA) have reached a preliminary agreement for a two-year contract for the 2020-21 and 2021-2022 school years. SEA members will vote on the provisional agreement on Wednesday 2 September.

SBLSD and SPA have reached a preliminary agreement on a three-year contract. SPA members will vote on the deal on Monday. School committee meeting, cancelled October 27. No school on October 28. The SPA agreement provides for an average increase in the salary plan of about 12.5 percent in 2019-20, a 2 percent increase in 2020-21 and inflationary adjustments in 2021-22. We are pleased to inform you that the Seattle Education Association and the District have entered into a preliminary contractual agreement. School will begin on September 5 for students in grades 1 to 12 and September 10 for kindergarten children. The SEA General Assembly will decide on the proposed contract on Saturday 8 September. Q: If there is a strike, how long will students attend school? A: The school will start again after an agreement has been reached.

Regardless of when school resumes, students receive quality training for 180 days, so school closures caused by a strike are treated in the same way as weather-related school closures. They need to be thoughtful. SBLSD and SPA reach a provisional agreement; The board meeting was cancelled, the school cancelled The district is fortunate to have the advantage of experienced, qualified and committed bargaining teams. The teams have been meeting regularly since June and are progressing. However, no agreement has yet been reached. We still hope that an agreement can be reached. However, if the district fails to reach an agreement, the Sumner-Bonney Lake School District Board of Directors will consider filing an injunction in Pierce County Superior Court to end the strike/work stoppage. This year, the team engaged in interest-based negotiations. This new approach to negotiation builds on our shared commitment to students and common goals such as racial justice. We are pleased to offer expanded support to our educators in the preliminary agreement.

Details will be published after the SEA General Assembly. Seattle Public Schools and Seattle Education Association reached an agreement for the 2020-21 school year on Friday, August 28. Together, we have developed a plan that prioritizes students` academic success and well-being in these uncertain times. This spring, the district is negotiating new collective agreements (BCAs) with eight groups of workers. CBAs are agreements that the district negotiates with each district staff bargaining group on issues such as employees` wages, hours, benefits, and working conditions. Negotiations are an important part of the district`s budget development process, with staff costs accounting for 85% of district expenditure. As discussions continue on the financial aspects of the contract, the district and the SPA have agreed on several preliminary agreements focusing on leave, social benefits and claims procedures. If we don`t reach a contractual agreement, SPA voted to allow a strike that would start in October…