Tractor Lease Purchase Agreement

I am an owner of Opedrator and I have been for over 45 years and I am very familiar with most of the rich fast schemes out there, I have my own authority and I do not rent at any time, have been made there that will happen again. I hope you find this information valuable if you decide which carrier you want to pass a truck with. These are all things that are very important to you before signing a contract or agreement. If you have any questions or doubts about signing a hire purchase agreement, call us at (888) 640-4829. After 8 years of trying to do this as a company driver for Swift, May, Schneider, Greatwide, Comcar, Conway and a few small businesses, my husband decided he wanted to try to make money on the street. He got into a leasing purchase with O&S and they talked really well. They support Prime, so his driver used job exchanges to get his charges. His break was that they told us $1.20/mi. they showed him several driver ratings that showed $1500/week and net higher. It looked good. They tell you that the breakeven is an amount, and then of course send them on a lot of charges that don`t pay, but the driver will tell you that you have to make the breakeven “average” and you have to take every cargo and trust them. Here are some of our weekly fixed fees: Weekly Minimum Comdata Card Fee 1.25 / Qualcomm Tractor Insurance Rental Fee License Plate Refueling Card Fee 1.50 / User Authorization Fee Prepayment Fee Prepayment Fee DOT Transflow Fee So We Had Variable Costs: Lump Fees (not always refunded) Toll Fees (never refunded) Wash Fees (not always refunded) Maintenance Account / deposit .13 / mi repairs Fuel I am down with Trans Am Trucking, It`s me I am 23 years old.

I have an average of $900.00 per week with the hire purchase program. 2010 KW T660, I return once a month for a few days. $575 per week of leasing plus insurance, Sat Comm, fuel.